Thursday, November 13, 2008

CSUN students hold candlelight vigil for Esha Momeni

Graduate students at CSUN hosted a candlelight vigil last night in hopes of their classmate's return. The event was attended by students and professors from CSUN, and by Esha's friends including the members of One Million Signatures Campaign-California. In the beginning of the event, Esha's close friend and her sister sincerely thanked everyone who advocated for Esha's release everywhere. Classmates and Professors talked about Esha and expressed their hopes that she can return to CSUN to complete her education and graduate with the rest of her class. Some expressed concern at the fact that Esha's release was on bail (a deed to her family's home). Here are the words of Esha's adviser, Professor Melissa Wall at the vigil last night:

"I am very proud of all of my graduate students who have worked so hard to let the world know about Esha Momeni's situation and who stand here tonight asking that Esha be allowed to return to Cal State Northridge to finish her degree with her classmates.

I am especially proud of Esha - for the courage she has shown in order to share with us a seemingly simple message: Iranian women are more complex and a lot tougher than the images we so often see of them.

We are not here tonight to offer Esha or any other Iranian woman our pity - but we offer our understanding and our solidarity and to share our hope that Esha be allowed to rejoin us soon to continue her academic work."

Video posted by Los Angeles Daily News, November 13

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