Friday, February 27, 2009

ABC News- New Hopes for Freedom Focus on Obama and Iranian Elections

Photo  Courtesy of Sanam Dolatshahi

From a recent comprehensive article in ABC news on Esha:
About her personal well being we read:

At the beginning of her ordeal, Momeni was angry and frustrated that she couldn't go on with her life, her fiance told But, "at this point, she's sort of given up hope, but only in order to allow herself to maintain her self-dignity," Hussain [Momeni's fiance] said.

"She has to imagine that she is going to be there forever mentally," Hussain added, "because each day she can't wonder if she might be released tomorrow." He said Momeni fills her time by working on art projects.

And her academic work and work with The One Million Signatures Campaign:

Momeni's friends say her arrest and the confiscation of her research materials don't make sense because she wasn't attempting to make a political statement and was not filming in public without consent, which is against Iranian law. Instead, they say, Momeni was filming intimate interviews in volunteers' homes in her quest to show Americans how stereotypes of Iranian women as weak or helpless are wrong...

"She was trying to bridge these two cultures that have not understood each other for a long time," said Momeni's thesis advisor, Professor Melissa Wall.

And Roja Bandari, a volunteer with the One Million Signatures campaign in California, said the Iranian women who are working on the project in Iran should be considered a source of pride to the country instead of a threat against it.

"They aren't doing anything covert or working to topple the Iranian government," Bandari said, adding that the grassroots movement does not contradict Iranian law.

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Also on Professor Wall's blog.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Different Views of Iran & Iranian Women" panel at CSUN March 2

Cal State Northridge  will be hosting a panel discussion about Iran and Iranian women at Cal State Northridge on Monday March 2 inspired by Esha Momeni who has been forbidden to leave Iran for more than 100 days now.

Code Pink, the US activist women's group, will talk about citizen diplomacy trips to Iran (a new trend among faith groups and others including uber travel expert Rick Steeves.) Rae Abileah and Ariel Vegosen 

One Million Signature Campaign, a grassroots group of Iranian women in Iran and the diaspora which seeks gender equality, and is one of today's most important civil rights campaigns. Roja Bandari 

Free Esha student activists at CSUN who will talk about their archival project to document their activities to free their classmate. Anasa Sinegal, Kara Lawton & John Daiquoag

Where: at the Library Presentation Room- CSUN

When: 3-4:30 pm Monday March 2

Click here for more info on this event in Professor Wall's blog.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"For Esha: A Night of Music, Poetry and Reflection" - Friday, January 23, 2009

This collaborative event between Esha's friend and family, CSUN students and the Campaign members was sponsored and managed by one of Esha's friends, herself a Campaign member. Thanks to two months of intense work, the group was able to put together an impressive and well-managed program and in so doing was able to pay a rich tribute to their friend Esha in the form of a peaceful night of art and music, highly appropriate since Esha herself is both an artist and a musician

A harmonious blend of musical performances and speeches, the event informed attendees about Esha's bright character and various activities, as well as the obstacles faced by the women's rights movement in Iran, all the while relaxing and soothing the souls of those present

You can follow the links to listen to talks from Ms.Elahe Amani(from California State University , Fullerton), Omid Koohi (a friend of Esha, and a volunteer of the One Million Signatures), and Professor Melissa Wall(California State University, Northridge

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