Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Esha Momeni’s Dad, “This Is Not Good for the Image of the Administration...” , Rooz Report on October 27th

Translated by Yassmin

Original Article: 10/27/2008

"Gholam Reza Momeni, father of Esha Momeni—graduate student at State University California at Northridge and volunteer in the One Million Signature Campaign--sat down for an interview with Rooz online and said all their efforts to free Esha have led to nothing. “We have not been able to do anything. They don’t answer our questions. They ask us to leave and not to return until they notify us.” Despite this Mr. Momeni is hopeful that officials will act in accordance with the laws of the country, realize that his daughters arrest has been a mistake, and release her promptly. "
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