Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Interview with David Blumenkrantz, Esha's Visual Communication Professor

By: Peyman Malaz

1- As Esha's professor and adviser, How do you describe her? Would you please tell us what Esha's project is focused on?

Esha is an exceptionally bright person, very creative and artistic. As a member of her thesis committee, I understood that she was mostly interested exploring issues related to women in Iran, with an emphasis on clearing up misconceptions the world might hold in this regard.

2- Are you surprised about her arrest? Do you see any reason why she should be in jail now?

Not just surprised, but shocked. I'm aware that such things happen in Iran, but I'm confident that they have nothing to fear from Esha's research project. It is simply an academic exercise, not meant for publication outside of academic circles. I cannot image why she should be held in detention.

4- Does California State University, Northridge use the student's projects for any other purposes other than for the purpose of completing a program of study?

Not at all. This is simply a student research project, a requirement toward
earning her Master's degree.

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