Friday, October 24, 2008

Petition for the Immediate Release of Esha Momeni

We strongly encourage all readers to sign the following petition addressed to senior figures in the Islamic Republic of Iran and demand Esha’s immediate release . Additionally please, forward the link to others.
Click below to sign the petition:

We request you not to sign petitions not listed on this blog. While such petitions may mean well, they often contain inappropriate language and factual errors and as such are more likely to endanger Esha than help bring about her release. We are, however, grateful for the information provided by reputable independent human rights organizations like Amnesty International and OMCT and we are working with such organizations in order to make our efforts as effective as possible.


LL said...

I am doing all that I can to pass this info, links, etc on to as many individuals and groups as I can. There must be more of an outcry on this. Right now it's a whisper. There must be a yell. I will do whatever it takes to help there be more voices heard on her behalf. Please keep us informed on anything else which can be done and any new developments in this situation, since we're not getting them from mainstream media.

Schauleh said...

I hope Esha will emerge from this travesty safe and sound. Would that we pay more attention to her story than our social calendars.